7 Day Challenges

Living a healthy life requires you to commit to making a series of healthy choices. Even seemingly small good habits add up to big changes. Challenging yourself to do something each day that will help you to become healthier can bring your life wellness and vitality, energy and excitement.

I believe it is more important to add good things than to worry about taking away bad things. The more beneficial things you add, the things that are bad for you just start to fall away.

I’ve created a series of short 7-day challenges designed to motivate and inspire you to make healthy lifestyle changes. In just one week, you can usually notice an impact on how you feel, how you look, and even a difference in how you think.

How Long Does it Take to Form a Habit?

“We are what we repeatedly do” – Aristotle

Did you know the whole idea that it takes 21 days to make a habit isn’t true? Yeah, that idea was based on a quote that was taken out of context.1 The actual amount of time it takes to establish a habit varies from person to person, and also habit to habit. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve created some bad habits in just two or three days. And some good habits have taken several months, or never really have become habit at all.

How to Create a Habit

You know the road to success isn’t a straight line. The journey has peaks and valleys and curves. You just have to make sure you turn around in cul-de-sacs instead of treating them as dead ends. Missing one or two days isn’t going to prevent you from continuing toward your goal, unless you let it.

Real change comes from commitment. Without a doubt, commitment requires will power. You can cultivate will power through motivation. So… motivation is the key for real, lasting change. Motivation is what drives us, and we need to constantly remind ourselves of what we are trying to accomplish in order to stay motivated.

You must have intention. You must choose. You must take deliberate action.

7 Day Challenges

That’s why weekly challenges can be so beneficial. By committing to something for just 7 days, it’s a quick short-term goal that’s easy to accomplish. Seven days is enough time to determine whether or not you’re receiving a benefit from that particular objective.

After one week, you can decide whether or not that activity is something you want to continue to integrate into your life on a daily basis. At the end of the week, you are left with a sense of accomplishment and boosted self-esteem from achieving your goal.

You can choose to start with a goal you will feel will be easy for you to accomplish, or you can jump in with a harder challenge to get the ball rolling. Either way, you get quick results.

Here are some ideas to get you started on 7 day challenges.

7 Day Sugar Detox: Get back on the right track and eliminate sugar cravings by cutting out all sweeteners, grains, and starchy foods for one week.

Fruit and Veggie Goal: Eat 7 servings of vegetables (5 servings) and fruit (2 servings) each day for the week.

Bone Broth Challenge: Drink at least one cup of homemade bone broth every day for 7 days.

Food Journal Challenge: Keep a journal of everything you eat and drink for one week as an exercise in self-awareness.

100 Plant Challenge: Eat 100 different types of plants in a week. Includes fruits and veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, spices, teas.

Raw Food Goal: Eat something raw with every meal and snack.

Grapefruit Challenge: Eat one grapefruit a day for 7 days.




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